The Etruria Collection is another reference to the past. It is already evoked in the name itself, which is the ancient equivalent of Tuscany. In this collection the Stipula designers focused on the region, in the heart of which is their home town.

Drawing from the surrounding natural wealth and the diversity of the works of the human hand, they created an impressive collection, emanating subtle glamor. Thanks to the use of celluloid, a material that delights the fans of writing instruments from the 1920s, it became possible to represent the Tuscan splendour.

Depending on the model, writing instruments from the Etruria collection are made of resin or celluloid.

Trims: silver sample 925

Nib: one colour, rhodium plated with 14-carat gold
Filling system: cartridge or piston
Cap: screwed on
Available colours: green (Gransasso), amber (Alter Ego), black (Nera), Ivory (Avorio)

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