Golden Head


A collection of exclusive Golden Head wallets made of high quality genuine leather with classic finishes. The distinctive two-tone effect is a result of hand tanning, without eliminating the natural anchors and grain texture. Products available in three colours: black, brown, burgundy.

Every Golden Head product comes in an elegant company box with the manufacturer’s logo.

COLORADO – hand-dyed leather

The hide from the neck and shoulders of animals is used to make this unique collection as it is most delicate and flexible. The skin is tanned with plant agents. Nature gives a unique structure to every single piece of the skin. The distinctive two-tone effect is the result of hand tanning and the intricate finishing generates a luxurious gloss.

Tanning by hand

Fully grained leather is hand-dyed with plant agents, and the provision of tone or colour is done without hiding or covering up the natural anchors or grain texture. Hand colouring of the skin is a very time-consuming method. “By hand” means that the dye is applied with a tissue or a sponge soaked in the dye, and rubbed into the leather.

Available colours: black, brown, cognac.

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