Among the Florentine manufacturers of exclusive writing instruments, the words of Renzo Salvadori, the company’s founder, are commonly known: “Stipula has two souls, that of the grandson and that of the grandfather. The grandson symbolizes the progress of technology and is expressed through dynamism and a willingness to look into the future, and the grandfather, symbolizing tradition, mitigates his impetuosity. ”
When trying to discover the meaning of the word “stipula” we are taken back to remote antiquity, the cultural cradle of modern Italy. The word refers to a small blade of grass that was ritually broken by the Romans as a sign of agreeing to the undertaking accepted by one of the parties.
The result of the undertaking accepted by Renzo Salvadori are high quality writing instruments, which, according to the words cited above, form a bridge between tradition and modernity. Noble materials provided to the finest Florentine craftsmen give the purchasers of Stipula writing instruments a unique pleasure of writing.
Nova Spółka z o.o. is the exclusive distributor of the brand on the Polish market.