Scrikss is a leader in the Turkish market of writing instruments, both as a producer and distributor of the brand in the world. Scrikss was established in 1963 and since then it has been a supplier of numerous “first” writing instruments in Turkey.
The name Scrikss derives from the Spanish word “Escriure” which in Catalan means “to write”. The most important aim and motto of Scrikss is quality and respect of customer rights.
The first Turkish fountain pen was manufactured by Scrikss in 1966. With the exception of the nib, it was an entirely local production. The next novelty included a desk set and a chrome pen with a jumbo type cartridge.
In addition to the production sector, Scrikss is known on the Turkish market also due to other novelties. It was the first company that offered a guarantee for fountain pens. It organized the first competition for the arrangement of the site and a competition to design a writing instrument.
In 1993, Scrikss won an award in the Netherlands for quality of writing instruments. The company is regularly represented at trade fairs, continuously developing its range of activities.
Currently, the distribution network covers more than 60 countries. Nova Spółka z o.o. is the exclusive distributor of the brand on the Polish market.