Writing instruments with the Parker logo are well-known throughout the world.
These instruments are trustworthy, created by the best professionals, only with the use of high quality materials. Classic in style, but also modern, add dignity to people who are serious about writing. In 1888, George Safford Parker, a telegraphy teacher in Janesville, founded the Parker Pen Company and signed all his agreements with the first fountain pen created by him. The first fountain pens created in the second half of the previous century had a major drawback – the constant pressing of the nib deformed it in such a way that the ink flowed in an uncontrolled manner.
In 1894, after years of research, the first Parker model appeared, becoming very successful and making the name of its creator famous around the world. Parker named the model “Lucky Curve”. The name derived from a system of ink flow developed by Parker – a curving of the ink supply cord, which allowed to control the ink supply to the nib. The device prevented the formation of droplets of ink when opening the pen.
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